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From Eric-AWL <>
Subject Large networks of brokers, dynamically included destinations and temporary queues
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2008 15:34:42 GMT

Hi every body

I want to create a large configuration with dozens of servers. I would want
to distinguish groups of servers by role and assign them static queue names
prefix. To avoid large number of hops, I imagine creating several different
network of brokers connections which will be associated by multicast groups
(with a good dynamicallyIncludedDestinations configuration) 

I explain : when I am connected on a broker of group "A*" and want to
produce a message for Queue "B*", I send it to my broker which knows that
all messages for Queues B* must be dispatch to a group of brokers which
manage B* consumers. And so on for groups C, D, E, F .... (a sort of full
web topology)

each group has a dedicated network of brokers for each prefix of static

Some of my messages must have an answer, and I imagine using temporary
queues, consumer on them and JMSReply for answer. 

With this configuration, is there a risk that the answer which must be sent
to the temporary queue, doesn't use a direct connection and follow a long
way to find the requestor ?

In such configuration, is it better to use duplex network connectors or two
different connectors ?

I can use ActiveMQ 5.1 if it is better.

Thank in advance
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