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From "SebastianR." <>
Subject Why don't Commit() and Receive() throw exceptions ? (NMS)
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 11:12:25 GMT


i recognized that neither the ISession.Commit()- nor the
IMessageConsumer.Receive()-method throw any exceptions when called although
there is no connection established. I debugged a little into the
ActiveMQ.NMS namespaces and they actually realize that the connection is
broken (TcpTransport.cs, ll. 105 ff.), but neither throw an exception nor
trigger the Exceptionlistener (this is because the ResponseRequired flag is
"false" (l. 121)).

My basic setup is:   - ActiveMQ 4.1.1
                           - External Broker (also 4.1.1)
                           - NMS 4.1.1
                           - Autoacknowledged session for sending
                           - Transacted session for receiving

I knowingly not use the Exceptionlistener built in NMS, therefore the
application doesn't know when the connection brakes down (achieved through
pulling network plug). This leads to fully usable ActiveMQ/NMS objects, but
they are not throwing exceptions (testet only above methods).

Furthermore I realized that allthough there is no physical connection
anymore, the application still receives messages. Is there a kind of loacal
store/cache on each client ?

Regards, Sebastian

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