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From sparky2708 <>
Subject ACKs not being delivered correctly in ActiveMQ 5.1 (QueueSize growing)
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2008 13:51:52 GMT

I was using a C# client (NMS) to connect to the ActiveMQ 5.1 Broker and I am
noticing that the broker always sends me 11 messages and then stops sending
(am expecting to get about 200). I can reproduce this consistently - it
always sends me 11 messages. When I open JConsole it looks like the size of
the Queue (QueueSize in jconsole) on the broker keeps growing for the Queue
that I am subscribing to. When I make a connection in C# I call:

  IConnectionFactory connectionFactory = new ConnectionFactory(new
            _connection = connectionFactory.CreateConnection();
            _connection.ExceptionListener += new
            _connection.ClientId =
System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("USERNAME") + "@" +
System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("COMPUTERNAME") + "-" +
DateTime.Now + "--" + _connection.ClientId;
            _connection.AcknowledgementMode =

I tried to change the AcknowledgementMode to
            _connection.AcknowledgementMode =

and acknowledge the messages myself when I receive them. Both
AutoAcknowledge and ClientAcknowledge (with my acknowledgments) consistently
receive only 11 messages out of 200 that I am expecting to receive. My
QueueSize in JConsole always increases in multiples of 11 when I start the
client. InFlightCount always says 11 also. It looks like the Producer that
sends those messages is throttling down or maybe ActiveMQ is throttling down
because it is not receiving ACKs [my theory]. Any ideas?

When I startup the broker 4.1.0-incubator which I was using before and
connect the same C# client to it then everything works as expected both when
I use ClientAcknowledge and AutoAcknowledge mode so this points to something
being wrong in the 5.1 broker that seems to be working correctly in 4.1.0.
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