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From Mike Gallaher <>
Subject Re: QueueSize and InFlightCount on a Topic keeps growing
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2008 17:39:29 GMT

I was able to avoid the problem by setting pubSubNoLocal on my consumer to
Presto, the topics no longer leak memory.

It was and is using AUTO_ACK.
I'm using a Spring SimpleMessageListenerContainer on the consumer side, but
a client using raw JMS primitives behaves the same way.

Aaron Pieper posted a message yesterday in another thread that gives more
details, but the nutshell version is that the topic only starts to
accumulate memory if there is a consumer on it via TCP transport, and that
consumer has pubSubNoLocal set to true, and the sender is a Spring
JMSTemplate.  A producer that uses raw JMS primitives didn't cause the
memory leak.  

Anyway, setting pubSubNoLocal false is sufficient and we don't need it set
otherwise, so we're past this problem.  Thanks to all for the advice!

Dave Stanley wrote:
> I'm not sure if it will help, but you could try disabling producer
> flowControl:
>  <policyEntry topic=">" memoryLimit="5mb" producerFlowControl="false">
>                        <dispatchPolicy>
>                            <strictOrderDispatchPolicy/>
>                        </dispatchPolicy>
>                        <subscriptionRecoveryPolicy>
>                            <noSubscriptionRecoveryPolicy/>
>                        </subscriptionRecoveryPolicy>
>                    </policyEntry>
>                </policyEntries>
> It would also be interesting to know what ack mode your clients are using
> to
> ACK their messages. Are you using CLIENT_ACK or AUTO_ACK?
> If its easy to do, it might be worth running your test with a java
> consumer
> and see if you see the same behaviour. This might allow you to narrow it
> down to a problem on the consumer side.
> Regards,
> /Dave

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