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From new2mq <>
Subject Re: Problems with simple peer:// transport config & Spring
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2008 14:04:12 GMT

I gav e that a try with rather mixed results.

The very time I deployed the new jar, it looked like discovery may have
succeeded between machine A (listen/send) and machine B(listen-only),
because machine B  complained that it could not resolve machine A's

INFO: JMX consoles can connect to
Aug 1, 2008 8:35:15 AM
INFO: Establishing network connection between from
vm://mybrokername?network=true to tcp://dacar-collector:44832
Aug 1, 2008 8:35:15 AM
WARNING: Could not start network bridge between:
vm://mybrokername?network=true and: tcp://dacar-collector:44832 due to: dacar-collector

I'm close!  I thought, and promptly added an  /etc/hosts file entry on both
boxes (each for the other).   

However, subsequent tests failed to give any indication that discovery had
completed -- in fact I never see a line after this (when running as listener
INFO: JMX consoles can connect to

What logging can I turn up (and how do I do it with or without Spring) to
get better visibility into the discovery process?    


I will give that a try and post back with the results.   Am I correct in
assuming that, at least after a cursory review, it looks like this *should*
work?  For example, there's nothing flagrantly wrong with the peer URI?  
Should it be the same URI in both peers (I assume so).  There's no explicit
broker configuration that needs be done? 

Thanks for taking a look at this, Rob.


Hi new2mq,

I wonder if you're running into some gotcha's with the Spring  
JmsTemplate - and that you should be using a PooledConnectionFactory -  
- to avoid the peer:// protocol from having to create its embedded  
broker, establish its network connection, search for other peers etc  
for every message - for every message sent, received etc.



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