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From Timothy Bish <>
Subject Re: CMS - setStringProperty() max length
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 19:18:55 GMT
On Mon, 2008-08-25 at 12:01 -0700, FastEddie wrote:
> >From the Jira issue #190 
> >> Max Property size for Strings is actually 65536 incorrect sign was
> >> causing the code to fails on soon on values above 32767.
> I really appreciate you looking into this problem, and fixing it, getting
> the max up to 65k.
> I'm curious why the behavior for StringProperties is different than for the
> text of the TextMessage itself (65k vs 2gb)?  Is it just set somewhere as
> the max length?  Or are they handled differently?
> Is this an architecture limit that I need to account for in my
> implementation?

The difference essentially lies in the way the string length is encoded
for the string properties verses the content of a message itself.  The
content of the message allows for four bytes to define the length but
the string properties only allow for two, so its basically short vs int.


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