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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Best practice for using Topic in medium to large cluster
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2008 08:56:20 GMT
2008/7/15 Shimik <>:
> What is the best practice for using topic in medium to large cluster?
> In the topologies document ( it
> says:
> "Multicast is great in development though often you might want to disable
> this feature in production and have well known servers fixed on specific
> machines. Often socket based communication (using pointcast) is much faster
> & better for heavy-lifting - particularly on Java - so we tend to recommend
> to use multicast mostly for discovery and use TCP / SSL for your heavy duty
> messaging."
> In a system where all the clients need to receive all the messages and some
> of the messages can be really big (a few megabytes and maybe more)
> 1. shouldn't multicast be used? What about JGroups or JRMS?

We recommend TCP on ActiveMQ as (i) we can't use JGroups due to its
license and we don't yet have a solid reliable multicast

> 2. Wouldn't it choke the network if I send all the messages to all the
> clients in TCP?

I doubt it; these days you're usually more CPU bound than network
bound if you've a reasonably good network

> 3. Wouldn't it choke the network having well known servers fixed on specific
> machines?

Not necessarily

> 4. Does anyone have any experience with this use case?

Could you give us an idea for how many producers/consumers and what
kinda message throughput rates you're thinking of?


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