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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: Help needed. About message loss in distributed queue in network of brokers environment
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2008 11:03:12 GMT
This is currently only the case if you are using duplex connections -  
or the message was originally sent using async send from the client  
(e.g. non-persistent) - as the network tries to maintain the  same QOS  
as used by the original producer



On 10 Jul 2008, at 10:34, Bryan.Shaw wrote:

> It is sad that the activemq message sending is default to sync send.
> So this issue is still open.
> Please provide help!
> Bryan.Shaw wrote:
>> I discovered that the message transfer between network of brokers  is
>> handled by DemandForwardingBridgeSupport class and there is some  
>> comment
>> on async send mode will be assumed between brokers if the producer  
>> send
>> the message to the queue using async send mode which will cause small
>> probability of message loss.
>> I am now testing the sync send mode on the producer side, hope this  
>> can
>> resolve my problem.
>> Bryan.Shaw wrote:
>>> We have a distributed architecture with two brokers connnected to  
>>> each
>>> other through WAN.
>>> We configured it using network of brokers.
>>> One producer sends messages to a distributed queue named "aqueue" on
>>> broker A.
>>> One consumer consume messages from the queue "aqueue" on broker B.
>>> I thought activemq is responsible for the reliability of the message
>>> transfer.
>>> Which means the when message are sent to aqueue at broker A, the  
>>> messages
>>> are first store on broker A's persistent store and then forwarded to
>>> broker B's persistent store and afterwards consumed by the  
>>> consumer on
>>> broker B. If network between these two brokers are not stable, it is
>>> activemq's job to ensure the message is delivered and delivered only
>>> once.
>>> But in real production environment, we found message loss when  
>>> network
>>> between the two brokers is down.
>>> I need proffesional help to address this issue. Is this a bug of  
>>> activemq
>>> or a configuration issue?
>>> Can anybody give me some advice to avoid this kind of message loss?
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