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From Joe Fernandez <>
Subject Re: Duplex connection: Is this possible?
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2008 00:47:01 GMT

I have seen the InvalidClientIDException in these types of 'duplex' scenarios
and in most cases it is hurled because two brokers have duplex connectors
(forwarding bridges) to each other. If you can, post the exception's stack
trace and the brokers' cfg files.   

There have been duplex-related issues, so make sure you're using 5.1 and
check with the issues tracker.

In your case, you may want to keep the networkTTL to 1 since messages only
have to traverse one bridge to get to their destination. See AMQ-1661 and

The messaging pattern that you've described sounds a bit like a 'recipient
list'. You can implement this sort of pattern via an ActiveMQ virtual topic
or Camel. 

A virtual topic is rather neat because it is a combination of topic and
queue; you get the best of both worlds. For example, your producer sends a
message to a virtual topic called 'blast', which then broadcasts messages
out to any number of queues (e.g., QueueA, QueueB, etc.).

Also see the following, which describes how to implement a recipient list
via Camel

Hope this helps.

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kpalania wrote:
> Is this possible via ActiveMQ?
> * Client sends message to broker A that has no network connectors defined.
> * Broker B has a network connector pointing to broker A and has duplex set
> to TRUE.
> * Message is sent to a queue named "Test".
> * Consumer listening to "Test" on broker B gets the message .
> Now -
> * I add broker C and configure it the same way as broker B in that it
> points to broker A as well, and had duplex set to TRUE.
> * When I start broker C, I start seeing exceptions
> (InvalidClientIDException, etc).
> What if I want the message (sent to broker A by the client) to be
> forwarded to both brokers, broker B and broker C (to the same queue)? The
> consumers listening to the queues on brokers B and C would be configured
> such that they only dequeue messages from a specific queue. So, for
> instance, though all messages get sent to all the queues, consumer A
> listening to broker A would only dequeue messages from "Test" while
> consumer B listening to broker B would only dequeue messages from "Test
> 2".
> Is this possible? If yes, what should the configuration be?

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