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From kpalania <>
Subject Duplex connection: Is this possible?
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 20:50:19 GMT

Is this possible via ActiveMQ?

* Client sends message to broker A that has no network connectors defined.
* Broker B has a network connector pointing to broker A and has duplex set
to TRUE.
* Message is sent to a queue named "Test".
* Consumer listening to "Test" on broker B gets the message .

Now -
* I add broker C and configure it the same way as broker B in that it points
to broker A as well, and had duplex set to TRUE.
* When I start broker C, I start seeing exceptions
(InvalidClientIDException, etc).

What if I want the message (sent to broker A by the client) to be forwarded
to both brokers, broker B and broker C (to the same queue)? The consumers
listening to the queues on brokers B and C would be configured such that
they only dequeue messages from a specific queue. So, for instance, though
all messages get sent to all the queues, consumer A listening to broker A
would only dequeue messages from "Test" while consumer B listening to broker
B would only dequeue messages from "Test 2".

Is this possible? If yes, what should the configuration be?
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