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From Joe Fernandez <>
Subject Re: consumer receives on stopped connection
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 16:12:26 GMT

Try the following settings for your connection factory

This will turn off the warning message
warnAboutUnstartedConnectionTimeout = -1

alwaysSessionAsync = false

See the following page to read about these options.

Hope this helps,

rpratt wrote:
> I have a bunch of servers running software listening on the same queues
> for load balancing. The app goes through a startup period where it creates
> the connection, creates queues and consumers, thread pools, etc and then
> eventually calls start on the JMS connection. However, the consumer
> threads call receive on their consumer object before the call to start is
> made on the connection. I am expecting this to block until the connection
> is started. However, I am seeing that the messages are seen (I get the
> "Received a message on a connection which is not yet started. Have you
> forgotten to call Connection.start()? Connection" warning) before the call
> to start, and those message are then actually consumed. By consumed I mean
> that even though the receiver doesn't get the message returned to it, that
> message is removed from the queue...thus is not handled by any of the
> other servers that are already fully running and could correctly receive
> and handle the message.
> Is this something I can fix with a configuration/URL connect option? Or do
> I have to put logic in place that won't actually call receive on any
> consumer objects until the connection has been started? Thanks
> Ryan

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