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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: It is possible to configure Broker/Client to use reliable-UDP-protocol for Topics and TCP/IP for Queues?
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2008 22:19:31 GMT

On 18 Jun 2008, at 22:16, Kosta wrote:

> It is possible to configure Broker/Client to use reliable-UDP- 
> protocol for
> Topics and TCP/IP for Queues?
> It is possible to configure Broker/Client to use UDP
> multicast/multicast-protocol for Topics and TCP/IP for Queues?
> In other words could application create connection with different  
> underlying
> protocol dedicated for Queues and Topics and force Broker to use  
> desired
> protocol for different destination types including Temporary Queues  
> and
> Topics?
> In addition it should be possible to configure in such way that all
> synchronous requests from client(create connection, consumer, ect)  
> should
> use reliable TCP/IP(as default) and only Publishing and Consume of the
> messages should be done via UDP or reliable UDP or multicast.
> BTW, what is the state of reliable-UDP-protocol?
> We need a working reliable layer on top of UDP which is capable of  
> handling
> re-requests of missing packets etc. and able to push Messages to all
> subscribers at once but not via TCP/IP (Point to Point). Tibco like  
> and
> hardware based messaging solutions.
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Hey Kosta,

currently ActiveMQ supports publish/subscribe using tcp - we do intend  
to offer a reliable multicast version later this year. However - this  
is a community project, and as such we encourage participation, so if  
there is something that you or your company needs that isn't there  -  
please roll-up your sleeves and help! ;)



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