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From "Bish, Tim" <>
Subject RE: C++ only solution (is this possible)?
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 23:13:37 GMT
Comments are inline:

> 1). I suppose I'll need to download and install the backend itself
> (ActiveMQ) - are there any instructions as to how to install this and
> it
> working with C++ clients (via CMS/ActiveMQ-CPP)?

There's a ton of documentation on installing and configuring the Broker
on the ActiveMQ site, here's a link to the getting started page:

The ActiveMQ-CPP code ships with a fairly comprehensive example that
shows how to create a connection to the broker and send messages.  This
is all you really need to look at to see what your producers and
consumer need to do.  Also you can look at our integration test suite to
see how we exercise all the various features that we support.  

> 2). Can messages have "guaranteed" or "assured" delivery (how is this
> setup
> in the framework)?

There are a couple ways to tackle this based on what you are trying to
do.  I'd recommend looking at the Sun JMS tutorial to get a feel for
what JMS brings to the table.  It sounds like you'd want to use
something like a durable consumer since topics seem to be what you are
interested in using.  

Take a look at the FAQ page on the ActiveMQ main site as well, this
answers a lot of questions along these lines as well.

> 3). I would like to have remote clients invoke methods on some of my
> clients. I am thinking of using my own version of RPC/HTTP. Is this
> something that ActiveMQ-CPP can help with (i.e. in terms of
> an
> SOA [Service Oriented Architecture])?

You'd need to build this sort of framework on top of ActiveMQ-CPP.  The
client code only deals with getting the messages from point A to B.  If
you want to emulate a SOAP style RPC mechanism for instance then that
would be on top of the messaging tear since we don't know at our level
what your messages mean we can't really do that step.  Certainly your
messages could just be SOAP envelopes that are sent using ActiveMQ as
TextMessage's then your framework could take it from there.


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