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From "Bish, Tim" <>
Subject RE: C++ only solution (is this possible)?
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 22:36:40 GMT
ActiveMQ-CPP is only a client so in one sense yes you are forced to
bring java into the mix.  However this is only from the standpoint that
all your C++ clients need a message broker and the broker happens to be
written in Java.  The clients themselves are pure C++ client using
ActiveMQ-CPP as their conduit to message each other; the broker manages
all the plumbing behind the scenes to pass the messages back and forth
and persist them if needed etc.  So somewhere on your network you need
to run a broker.  So then the question is does it really matter what
language the broker is written in or does it only matter that all your
C++ clients can talk.

So the short answer is yes you need java installed somewhere, but only
on the machine that runs the broker, everywhere else your clients could
all be C++ applications.

Does that help?


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> From: Morpheous []
> Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 3:26 PM
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> Subject: C++ only solution (is this possible)?
> I recently came accross CMS/ActiveMQ-CPP. I have been very impressed
> the
> work done so far. After several days of revisiting the project website
> though - it is still not clear to me whether I can build a (C++ only)
> distributed system using CMS and ActiveMQ-CPP.
> Just when things seem to be getting clearer in the documentation, I
> across a reference to Java, which seems to suggest that you cant use
> framework without a Java component (I hope I am mistaken).
> I have a C++ application, that I want to maintain as pure C++ (no
> with Java or any other language). I want to create a distributed
> (supporting P2P messaging, Publish/subscribe messaging and distributed
> queues). It appears that ActiveMQ-CPP is capable of doing all that,
but it
> is not clear if I am *forced* to bring Java into the mix or not.
> My C++ applications will be mostly consumers, though some will be
> Producers
> (and some both producers/consumers). The idea is to use an existing
> framework (hopefully ActiveMQ-CPP), to provide the MOM infrastructure
> instead of "rolling my own".
> Can anyone please shed light on whether I can use CMS/ActiveMQ-CPP in
> *C++
> ONLY* solution?
> Thanks
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