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From "Bish, Tim" <>
Subject RE: sending msg via CMS to JMS
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2008 18:11:18 GMT
Topics and Queues are created dynamically on the ActiveMQ broker,
there's no need to create them ahead of time like you would with
Websphere for instance.  There should be no problem in sending messages
from CMS to a JMS client.  Just create a JMS client with a consumer
listening on the Queue in question and a CMS client that produces to the
same Queue and it should work.


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> From: wannaKnow []
> Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 2:04 PM
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> Subject: sending msg via CMS to JMS
> I'd like to use CMS to create messages and put them on an Apache
> destination which has been configured as a JMS queue and then have a
> MessageDrivenBean extract the messages.  Sending and receiving
> between CMS  producer/consumer destinations is working for me.
> I've started with the default BrokerURI and also updated it to use my
> specific IP and I also updated the queue name.  Both worked.
>     std::string brokerURI =
>         "tcp://"
>         "?wireFormat=openwire"
>         "&transport.useAsyncSend=true";
>      std::string destinationName="jms/TestQueue";
> So my questions:
> Is it necessary for me to install JBOSS or WebSphere to do this or can
> ActiveMQ handle it by itself?
> Are there special values needed in the BrokerURI or the Topic/Queue
name ?
> I'm hoping someone can point me to documentation or samples or other
> helpful
> information about how to configure the JMS queue using ActiveMQ.
> Thx.
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