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From Arnau <>
Subject Re: Newbie question about simple application
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2008 13:45:32 GMT
Hi Joe,

ttmdev wrote:
> You may want to look into setting up a Camel context to implement such
> routing rules. 

   I think I have done. I paste my activemq.xml file:


     <!-- Allows us to use system properties as variables in this 
configuration file -->

     <broker xmlns="" 
brokerName="fawkes" dataDirectory="${activemq.base}/data" 

         <!-- The transport connectors ActiveMQ will listen to -->
             <transportConnector name="openwire" 

         <!-- Destination specific policies using destination names or 
wildcards -->
                     <policyEntry queue=">" memoryLimit="5mb"/>
                     <policyEntry topic=">" memoryLimit="5mb">

         <!-- Use the following to configure how ActiveMQ is exposed in 
JMX -->
             <managementContext createConnector="false"/>

         <!-- The store and forward broker networks ActiveMQ will listen 
to -->

             <amqPersistenceAdapter syncOnWrite="false" 
directory="${activemq.base}/data" maxFileLength="20 mb"/>

           <queue physicalName="ANDROME.TX" />
           <topic physicalName="ANDROME Transmission queue" />

           <queue physicalName="ANDROME.RX" />
           <topic physicalName="ANDROME Reception queue" />

                     <memoryUsage limit="20 mb"/>
                     <storeUsage limit="1 gb" name="foo"/>
                     <tempUsage limit="100 mb"/>

     <camelContext id="camel" 

         <!-- You can use a <package> element for each root package to 
search for Java routes -->

         <!-- You can use Spring XML syntax to define the routes here 
using the <route> element -->
             <from uri="activemq:ANDROME.TX"/>
             <to uri="activemq:SINERMEDIA.RX"/>


     <!-- An embedded servlet engine for serving up the Admin console -->
     <jetty xmlns="">
             <nioConnector port="8161"/>

             <webAppContext contextPath="/admin" 
resourceBase="${activemq.base}/webapps/admin" logUrlOnStart="true"/>
             <webAppContext contextPath="/demo" 
resourceBase="${activemq.base}/webapps/demo" logUrlOnStart="true"/>
             <webAppContext contextPath="/fileserver" 
resourceBase="${activemq.base}/webapps/fileserver" logUrlOnStart="true"/>

<!-- END SNIPPET: example -->

> Arnau wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>   Yesterday I discovered ActiveMQ and I have been banging my head
>> against a wall :).
>>   What I'd like to do is the following:
>>   1. Create a local broker (A) that comunicates with a remote broker(B).
>> I'd use two diferent computers.
>>   2. Define two queues on each broker TX and RX
>>   3. All the messages put into A.TX should go to B.RX and vice versa
>> B.TX->A.RX
>>   4. I'd like to configure the activemq.xml to allow this setup and test
>> it with the webinterface. I'd like to sent a message on TX queue on the
>> webinterface and receive it on RX queue on the other computer
>>   Can anybody help me? I have been searching in the web and also
>> downloaded the user guide from and I haven't been able
>> to make it work.
>> Thank you very much!!

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