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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject XMPP: does it work for anybody?
Date Sat, 07 Jun 2008 15:23:38 GMT
Hi all,

I have spent over a day trying to get a jabber client (any jabber 
client) to successfully connect to activemq's XMPP connector, either 
with or without SSL, and so far I have got nowhere.

I know that activemq is listening on an XMPP port, because when I telnet 
there, I get an XMPP header. So far so good.

Apple's iChat refuses to connect with the message "Could not connect to 
Jabber". iChat feels it unnecessary to give any more detail than that, 
so I gave up on iChat and tried Spark.

The Spark login sequence is too unreliable to draw any clear conclusions 
as to whether problems occur on the server or the client. Spark goes 
through all the motions of allowing you to log in, while simultaneously 
the server logs and exception complaining that login failed. Attempts to 
create a channel (which should in theory cause a queue to be created) 
are ignored.

Abandoning Spark as a lost cause, and trying PSI instead, gives me 
errors that are a little more sensible. This time round the error "No 
appropriate mechanism available for given security settings (eg SASL 
library too weak, or plaintext authentication not enabled). Nothing is 
logged on the activemq side giving any clue as to why the login attempt 

When I read that activemq supports XMPP, at the very least I expect the 
following to be true:

- SSL is supported
- Login is supported

In the case of activemq, I am not seeing any evidence that either of 
these features are supported, which to me means that XMPP *isn't* 
supported by activemq properly at all.

Can somebody confirm whether XMPP is used by anybody in a real live 
situation at all? The ability to look inside your queue server with a 
chat client and see what your system is (or isn't) doing is a killer 
feature in any message driven application, however it looks like the 
XMPP implementation inside activemq was never completed.

Can anyone shed any light as to whether what I am trying to achieve is 
even achievable at all?


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