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From "Rob.Davis" <>
Subject Multichannel Web Chat
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2008 19:17:01 GMT

Hi all, i was wondering if it was possible to use ActiveMQ Demo Chat
chat.html and chat.js in order to add a create/join subchannel, my project
idea was:

- Start with the standard files from binary release

In the .html

- add a button and a text field to create/join (create if the subchannel
doesn't exist) a subchannel with a given name in the text field
- when u click it hide ofc that <div> and display another one with a send
text to main chat (text field + send button), and one to send text to the

In the .js

-initialize all the new variables from the new html elements adding a new
variable to handle suchannel topics
-add cases to show/hide buttons/texts divs when needed
-add listeners for the new buttons and the functions triggered by these.
-make it so that chat from the subchannel is displayed in another color (to
avoid confusion) and users in the member list that are in your same
subchannel displayed bolded (or some other effect)

I would like to know if it's possible (and fairly easy) to do it this way or
if it's better to start a webapp anew (not really an expert of Javascript),
i'm also keeping everything in 1 chat window and limiting subchannels/user
to 1 to make everything easier, i know it doesn't look too well.

Any suggestions/help will be very appreciated
I'll adore you if you have time to make and post some code bits for
guideline :)
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