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From Comalv <>
Subject ActiveMQ Web Demos not working for me
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2008 13:16:52 GMT

Hi all,
I'm experiencing issues with the ActiveMQ 5.x.x versions of ActiveMQ and
their "Web Samples". In fact, while normal examples build and work
correctly, most of the web samples do not work. First of all i have to say
that these issues happen on all my PCs (3, OS are: Windows XP Home Ed. SP2,
Windows XP Professional SP3, Windows Vista 32-bit SP1), and even from the
computers at my university (i need to use ActiveMQ for a project), of course
Java SE SDK is installed (depending on PC from Java 2 to Java 6 Update 6),
JAVA_HOME, ANT_HOME are set to the SDK directories (not like ANT has
anything to do with web samples), and JARs have been added to Classpath

When i launch ActiveMQ i seem to get no warns or errors (last message on
console is:

INFO  FailoverTransport              - Successfully connected to

When i go to http://localhost:8161/demo and try the web samples here's what

- Market Data Sample

When i hit the Market Data Publisher it says: 

Published 1 of x price messages. Refresh is 2s.    

(where x correctly increments every 2 seconds, but the 1 never changes)

When i hit portfolio it shows the basic trading portfolio and never updates
(regardless of hitting F5, opening it in another browser, opening it in
another tab)

Console shows messages like (when i run the Market Data Publisher):

INFO  /demo                          - PortfolioPublishServlet: Sending:
<pricestock='MSFT' bid='23.652863020371775' offer='23.676515883392145'
movement='down'/> on destination: topic://STOCKS.MSFT

and similar. Nothing happens on console when i try the portfolio option

(not really sure how the thing should work/update tho)

- Chat Example

I basically get no textinput field nor login/leave buttons, here's a
screenshot of what it looks like to me: 

and therefore can't do absolutely nothing.

Nothing happens on console

- Simple Browser Example

When i use "Send a Message" i get no errors, but regardless of Destination
Type/Name and body i always get a white page with the url:
http://localhost:8161/demo/message/FOO/BAR after i press the submit button.

When i use "Recieve a Message" nothing happens, browser console says:
waiting for localhost...
never times out but never catches messages regardless of opening it in same
browser/different tab, other browser or same browser/same tab

When i submit a message on console i get:

destination uri=FOO.BAR

When i try to receive nothing happens.

- Queue Browser

Regardless of the version i use, and regardless of what i entered with the
submit tool earlier (i guess this browser should display queue stuff sent
earlier) i always get a warning depending on the browser, for example
firefox says: 

        This XML file does not appear to have any style information
associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

And page displays:

<messages queue="queue://FOO.BAR">

with no formatting or interpretation.

Of course even in this case nothing happens on console

All these issues happen on Firefox 2.x/3.x, Internet Explorer 7.x and Safari
(can't remember version) on all the PCs i've mentioned before, and i have
yet to see them work myself.

Let me know if there is a way to fix this, if it's a known bug or if i just
forgot to install something 

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