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From pica <>
Subject deadlock on memory full with transacted sends
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2008 18:32:59 GMT


I can deadlock 5.1 & 5.2 latest snapshot configured for pure jdbc
persistence using maven's performance test like this:

mvn activemq-perf:producer -Dfactory.brokerURL=tcp://
-Dproducer.sessTransacted=true -Dproducer.sessAckMode=transacted 
-Dproducer.deliveryMode=persistent -Dproducer.destName=queue://test.picaxu 

mvn activemq-perf:consumer -Dfactory.brokerURL=tcp://
-Dconsumer.sessTransacted=true -Dconsumer.sessAckMode=transacted 

I've read what I've found on this (including AMQ-1606) but can't find a
solution. I'm attaching my config, debug level logging & a thread dump
during the deadlock. 

Any & all help appreciated.

pica activemq.xml thread.dump activemq.log 

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