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From Morpheous <>
Subject C++ only solution (is this possible)?
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 22:26:02 GMT

I recently came accross CMS/ActiveMQ-CPP. I have been very impressed by the
work done so far. After several days of revisiting the project website
though - it is still not clear to me whether I can build a (C++ only)
distributed system using CMS and ActiveMQ-CPP.

Just when things seem to be getting clearer in the documentation, I come
across a reference to Java, which seems to suggest that you cant use this
framework without a Java component (I hope I am mistaken).

I have a C++ application, that I want to maintain as pure C++ (no mixing
with Java or any other language). I want to create a distributed system
(supporting P2P messaging, Publish/subscribe messaging and distributed
queues). It appears that ActiveMQ-CPP is capable of doing all that, but it
is not clear if I am *forced* to bring Java into the mix or not.

My C++ applications will be mostly consumers, though some will be Producers
(and some both producers/consumers). The idea is to use an existing C++
framework (hopefully ActiveMQ-CPP), to provide the MOM infrastructure -
instead of "rolling my own".

Can anyone please shed light on whether I can use CMS/ActiveMQ-CPP in a *C++
ONLY* solution?

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