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From drjava <>
Subject Re: Getting BindException on client side after restart of broker
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2008 17:23:15 GMT

the meaning of a BindException is clear to me.

What baffles me is that the consumers were able to receive messages after
the broker was restarted, and then all of a sudden I get this BindException.
So WHO (or should I say "WHAT") could have taken those ports from the

Moreover this, from the output to the console, it seems as though the
refreshConnectionUntilSuccessful method of the
DefaultMessageListenerContainer eventually manages to establish a connection
because I get BindException print outs and then some successfully received
messages print outs and then exceptions again. 

But no matter how long I wait for all messages to be consumed - when a
BindException is thrown, not all messages arrive. (Again, mind you that when
I lower the rate of messages sent (either by making the sending Thread
slower or allowing it to send messages for a shorter period of time) the
test runs smoothly without any bind exceptions.)

bsnyder wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 3:18 PM, drjava <> wrote:
>> I'm sorry...Trying again.
>> spring-config.xml
>> BindException.txt
> Well the exception is telling you that an address to which ActiveMQ is
> trying to bind is already in use:
> javax.jms.JMSException: Could not connect to broker URL:
> tcp://localhost:61616. Reason:
> Address already in use:
> Use netstat -an to see all addresses in use to see if either port 1099
> or 61616 is already in use on your machine.
> Bruce
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> );'
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