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From veechand <>
Subject Re: Impact due to wireformat.maxInactivityDuration=0
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2008 10:16:24 GMT

Thanks Marco.
By shutdown do you mean normal shutdown or client/broker getting abruptly
down. If getting abruptly down what could be reason for the same, this will
help in reproducing the same?  
We are using 4.1, yet to migrate to 5.1. Since this is critical time in our
project we are not migrating now and going with this fix.
Moreover do you mean this issue is, if not can you kindly
point me to the same. 

Marco Buss wrote:
> Hi,
> we ave the same problem here. Setting wireformat.maxInactivityDuration=0
> was not a good idea because the shutdown of client or broker (i cant
> remeber) is not recognised. So try if your client get notice of broker
> shutdown and vice versa.
> Which version of activeMQ did you use? With 5.1 the problem is fixed.
> veechand wrote:
>> In our application we are using ActiveMQ. Currently we facing
>> "javax.jms.IllegalStateException: The Session is closed", this exception
>> occurs immediately after "Channel was inactive for too long". On
>> searching on this we found an option for disabling the inactive timer,
>> namely wireformat.maxInactivityDuration=0. We have added this during
>> intialization of TopicConnectionFactory. Since this issue is not
>> reproduced consistently, we like to know on the following
>>    1. Is there any impact due disabling timeout. 
>>    2. Will there be any increase in recourses like socket, file handle,
>> threads, memory
>>    3. Any consistent way to reproduce the issue.
>> Background:
>>    Our application is a web based application. Uses ActiveMQ to pass
>> events between JVMs. There are events which are passed so infrequently
>> and those that are passed very frequently. 

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