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From brucelei <>
Subject The problem of Stress Test on ActiveMQ+Tomcat+Spring
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 02:53:47 GMT

I am using ActiveMQ5 in tomcat6,send message with JmsTemplate,config like

<!-- Spring JmsTemplate config -->
<bean id="jmsTemplate"
   <property name="connectionFactory">
    <!-- lets wrap in a pool to avoid creating a connection per send -->
     <property name="targetConnectionFactory"
      ref="jmsConnectionFactory" />
   <!-- custom MessageConverter -->
   <property name="messageConverter" ref="userMessageConverter" />

JmsTemplate.convertAndSend(destination, object);

I think this is an effective way to produce message,then I use Jmeter to run
some test on my demo:
jmeter configļ¼š300 threads/http request/Ramp-up period=0s 

http request like this:

Finally I got a report:succeed 280,failure 20,look into the jmeter error
<httpSample t="1016" lt="0" ts="1213178882046" s="false" lb="HTTP Request"
rc="Non HTTP response code:" rm="Non HTTP response
message: Socket is not connected: connect" tn="Thread group 1-267" dt="text"

Now my question is:
1. Non HTTP response:the error is caused by activemq or tomcat?(I think
maybe tomcat:))
2. The exception is SocketException,not JMSException,how can I and where can
I catch it? I want to process this exception properly?

Thanks for anyone's reply:-)
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