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Subject AMQ4.1.1: Effect of maxInactivityDuration
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2008 06:20:13 GMT
Env: Jre 1.6,
        ActiveMQ 4.1.1

I have a couple of applications connecting to a single external broker
using TCP transport.

  (app1) <========> External Broker <=========> (app2)

If I have maxInactivityDuration configured to 0 (inactivity monitor disabled), as in

    tcp://<host>:61616?wireFormat.maxInactivityDuration =0

I find that the clients (app1 and app2) stop receiving each other's messages
after idling for a a period of few hours.

If I use default values for maxInactivityDuration as in


things work fine. This is counterintuitive to me - why does maxInactivityDuration
break connections after a loing idle period?



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