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From Brad Clements <>
Subject Does MessageServlet do any http authentication?
Date Tue, 06 May 2008 14:45:56 GMT

I have looked at MessageServlet, MesageServletSupport and WebClient and 
I can't figure out if MessageServlet (or AjaxServlet) do any kind of 
http authentication.

I suppose the web server could be configured to require authentication 
(but I don't know how to do that).. But even then, I need to restrict 
which set of queues can be  posted to or consumed based on  http 

My Java foo is low, so its possible that http authentication and 
vectoring through an authorization map is already handled, but I don't 
see it.

Anyone know for sure?


Brad Clements,          (315)268-1000                          
AOL-IM: BKClements

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