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From ttmdev <>
Subject Re: "Duplex" problems
Date Tue, 13 May 2008 16:43:35 GMT

I also ran across this issue with the latest 5.1. 

Messages bounce back and forth between the 2 brokers via the duplex
transport until the ttl count expires. The DemandForwardingBridge doesn't
check where the message came from before sending it back off to the remote.
Working on a patch for the corresponding JIRA.

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MikeF73 wrote:
> I have two brokers (call them A and B), where A establishes a connection
> to B with the options:
> duplex="true" networkTTL="3" dynamicOnly="true"
> I have two clients connecting to broker A, and one to B.  One of the
> clients on A is subscribing to a queue, the other is publishing to it. 
> The client on B is not using that queue at all.  When the publishing
> client sends a message, the subscriber receives it as expected.  But if I
> watch the network with a sniffer, I can see the message being sent to
> broker B and back again.
> I also set up a topic that all of the clients subscribe to.  If a client
> on A sends a message to the topic, the client on B receives it normally,
> but the two clients on A receive the message twice.  I can see with the
> sniffer that the message is being sent from A to B and back.
> If I change the connection so that it's not duplex (i.e. I set up matching
> simplex connections on both brokers) all of this unexpected behavior goes
> away.  In the first example, the messages are no longer forwarded to B
> since there are no subscribers on that broker.  In the second example, the
> message is received once by every subscriber.
> Did I misconfigure my duplex connection somehow?  I can run it with the
> two simplex connections for now since I'm in a test environment, but I'm
> going to need to move to duplex for production.
> Thanks!
> EDIT: this is the 5.1 4/8/08 snapshot

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