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From jaya_srini <>
Subject Re: Question about Producer Consumer usage
Date Mon, 12 May 2008 23:56:34 GMT

So Sorry! :(

I just thought I would explain our scenario in more details.

jaya_srini wrote:
> Hello
> Apologies for all the questions but I am a newbie to ActiveMQ and I would
> really like to better understand how the ActiveMQ broker works and was
> wondering if someone can explain how it would work for the scenario below:
> I am using single session with 1 producer and 1 consumer (durable Topic
> subscrber) for producing and consuming messages i.e the same session
> produces and consumes messages. The session/producer/consumer are created
> in app startup once and are reused through out.
> There is a message listener on the consumer for receiving messages
> asynchrounously. 
> Messages are persistent (written to the database) and we are using the
> Publish-Subscribe model.
> The client APP (that send and receives the message) and the ActiveMQ
> broker are on different machines so I use a TCP transport to establish
> connection with a failover protocol so the connection URI looks like below
> failover:(tcp://<broker_ip>:61616/)
> We are using ActiveMq 5.0.0
> Given the above info, what is the number of threads created on the broker
> side for sending and dispatching. Will the send and dispatch be
> synchronous by default for the above?
> If I make the connection URI to be as follows
> tcp://<broker_ip>:61616?jms.useAsyncSend=true&jms.dispatchAsync=true
> will this cause the send and dispatch to be asynchronous?
> We are having some porblem with producer bloacking on
> ActiveMQSession.send() with our current set up and I would like to really
> understand what's happening to be able to resolve this.
> thank you!
> jaya

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