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From BlueFox <>
Subject Re: DefaultMessageListenerContainer and 5.1
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 21:02:45 GMT

I just did some more checking, turns out it is the QueueBrowser that is
causing the duplicate message problem. I have a QueueBrowser that uses the
following code to periodically verify the queue size and perform
verification after queue size is zero.

private static class JMSBrowser implements SessionCallback {
		public Object doInJms(javax.jms.Session session) throws JMSException {
			QueueSession queueSession = (QueueSession) session;
			Queue queue = queueSession.createQueue("test.queue");

			try {
				System.out.println("Monitoring queue...");
				boolean hasMoreItem = true;

				while (hasMoreItem) {
					QueueBrowser browser = queueSession.createBrowser(queue);

					hasMoreItem = browser.getEnumeration().hasMoreElements();

					System.out.println("Waiting for the queue to clear up...");
					// wait for 1s until checking

			} catch (Exception e) {

			System.out.println("Queue cleared, proceed with verification");

			return null;

Before upgrading to 5.1, this queue browser works correctly and only
terminates when the queue is empty. (Works in both 5.0 and 4.1.1) However,
with new 5.1 binary I get 2 error behavior:
1. This queue monitor will terminate even if there is still data in the
2. Duplicate messages are delivered to consumer if monitor queue is used.

BlueFox wrote:
> Hi I just upgraded to 5.1 and there seems to be a very weird behavior
> regarding the message redelivery.
> Before upgrade to 5.1, I had the Spring 2.5.3 and 5.0 running fine with
> the following setup.
> 1. I have a single producer sending and recording 100 persistent messages
> to a queue.
> 2. maximumRedeliveries for message is set to -1
> 3. I use Spring DefaultMessageListenerContainer (sessionTransacted = true)
> to create a single exclusive consumer on the queue, and
> session.rollback(); is randomly called to simulate transaction failure.
> 4. When the queue size reaches 0, I verify that all 100 messages are
> correctly received and in order.
> Everything was working fine in 5.0, but in 5.1, I noticed that duplicate
> messages were received. However, if I change the cacheLevelName on the
> DefaultMessageListenerContainer from the default CACHE_CONSUMER to
> anything else, the test then runs fine. However, since I also have
> exponential backoff implemented for redelivery, changing the cache level
> will render the policy useless since the connection & session are
> recreated by the container.
> Thoughts?

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