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From Michael Franz <MFr...@FFTW.COM>
Subject Re: NMS library hangs when connection to ActiveMQ is broken
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 18:35:09 GMT

semog wrote:
> I have checked in a fix for the timeout looping issue.  I have more
> changes coming, but I felt that these changes were important enough to
> get checked in as soon as possible.  Dealing with error handling code
> is difficult. If anyone having this particular problem would care to
> get the latest trunk code and test it out, that would be appreciated.
> Remember to set the transport.requesttimeout value in your connection URI.
> If you find any problems, please attach any comments to [AMQNET-81].
> -Jim

I was having the same issue.  Based on what I was seeing I tried to setting
connection parameters based on this documentation it did not work. 
Following the recommendations here, my problem is solved.  

I had updated to HEAD and tried that first before using the
transport.requesttimeout parameter.  HEAD by itself did not solve the
problem.  However, I don't know if using transport.requesttimeout solved the
problem without the code changes.

What I did find while trying to figure out the problem, is:
- debugging through the NMS code caused the problem to go away.  
- it was only reproducible when I ran the produce.Send method.
- not all of the connection parameters are documented, thus making the
choice of configuration changes very limited.

To summarize my issue:
- I have a producer that was working fine until the connection was lost
- if the connection was down and I tried to send from the producer the
thread that was sending the message would hang - forever.
- the thread that received the connection exception worked fine, but was not
my business logic thread
- this seemed very much like a thread deadlock issue.  A coworker suggested
that it was a socket timeout issue, however I was not able to configure the
connection with the documentation I could find
- my issued has been resolved (for now) by using

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