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From Stefano Bagnara <>
Subject Re: SMTP Server (Apache James) spooling hints
Date Fri, 09 May 2008 11:26:16 GMT
James Strachan ha scritto:
> 2008/5/9 Stefano Bagnara <>:
>>  What does it happen under the hood when I use so many queues? Is the
>> message fully written to disk each time I move it from a queue to another or
>> does it simply update a reference when it belongs to the same store?
> Yeah, currently we do that.

It was an "or" question, but I guess from the following sentence that 
you mean that you write the full message for each queue "move", right?

> Another option is to use durable topics where a message is written
> once and all durable topic subscribers just get a kinda pointer to it.

I'm not sure I understand how this would work :-(
I liked the multiple queue solution: is there any way to limit the 
"writes" on disk with some persistent+non-persistent + longtransactions 

The fact is that my of my "most common scenario" is a input mail being 
processed through many states wihtout being altered and after 5-6 state 
changes (processor changes/queue changes) each one having 3-5 
matchers/mailets it is delivered remotely or stored locally.
I could always store the payload to JCR so to not rewrite it multiple 
times, but I fear that even for the simple JMS message writing it once 
for queue (or even worse, once for each mailet) would be a performance 
issue (current james run an UPDATE spool set state = #newstate# where ID 
= #id# for status change and does not track persistently the 
"substatust" of the specific mailet being processed, because all the 
mailets in a given processor are processed at once for a given message).

> [...]
> feel free to vote for it :)

I also checked on confluence administration side to see if something was 
wrong with the snippet plugin but it seems to be ok, so we'll have to 
wait for the infra team.

> As an aside - for a while I've been pondering about adding a maillet
> support into Camel for easy Camel <-> JAMES integration.
> Something wacky to think about - which might be a bit too much Camel
> internals for now but bear with me..
> [... a lot of interesting technical stuff...]

ATM it is very hard for me to follow you on this. I think I will have to 
read this again once I'll be more familiar with camel/activemq :-)
But be sure that I bookmarked it and I want to try the road are trying 
to show me!!

Thank you,

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