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From sgm <>
Subject Dead subscribers and duplex
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2008 22:23:08 GMT
I'm seeing a problem with dead subscribers not being
detected/propagated using duplex networkConnections.

Specifically, I've set up a hub/spoke arrangement with a central
broker (hub) and several remote brokers (spokes). On one spoke I
publish messages to a queue, and subscribe on another spoke. I have
dynamicOnly="true" so when I kill the subscriber and bring it up on
another spoke, the messages are delivered to the proper broker.

But with duplex="true" (and no other configuration change), the death
of the subscriber doesn't seem to get recognized or propagated and
messages are still delivered to the dead subscriber's broker.

This is with the 5.1.0 snapshot posted on the Download page. I haven't
tried with 5.0 as that has another issue with duplex and networkTTL.

I checked Jira and didn't find anything similar, but I'm using an
intermediate release so maybe it's a known issue. Can anyone confirm?


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