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From Arjen van der Meijden <>
Subject Re: Basic queue concept
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 07:19:54 GMT
On 3-4-2008 8:50, Joel Poloney wrote:
> Is your "kill"-message on every call? Or is that only when you manually
> interrupt it? I'm wondering if you changed the Stomp-implementation such
> that if you've consumed all of the messages (and it's waiting for a new
> message to come through), it automatically dies. Or is it part of your
> "clean kill" that would make sure it finishes what it was doing, and then
> properly shuts down.

My consumer just consumes a message, processes it and then goes on 
waiting for another one. So if that message happens to be a 
'kill'-message, it dies (if the message was sent after the consumer 

When I shutdown those consumers using their init.d-scripts, the 
init.d-scripts sends both a normal sigint and one of those kill-messages 
to make sure the script gets interrupted anytime soon. For the 
million-messages consumer, that isn't really necessary, but for the 
few-hundred consumer it is quite usefull to wake it up, so it can die 
right away.

> In my particular application, I would most likely have an internal queue in
> the consumer that would basically consume messages until it hit some number
> (say 100) and then batch process all 100 of them at once. Then it would go
> back to trying to consume messages again and filling up the internal queue.
> It's better for me to batch process 100 messages at once rather than 1 at a
> time. That's why I was asking about the memory leak issues.

One of the reasons to start using these consumers was indeed to 
facilitate batch processing, although I haven't implemented such a 
feature yet. But I wouldn't worry too much about memory leaks, as long 
as you clean up the data afterwards and maybe keep away from using too 
fancy resources and too complex object trees.
I would however add some more clean-kill stuff, so the current internal 
list is processed cleanly, prior to dieing.

Best regards,


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