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From ttmdev <>
Subject Re: Simple brokers A <-> B
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2008 15:58:31 GMT

Hola Luiz,

Since all you want to do is forward messages from broker A to B, then simply
create a forwarding bridge from A to B. Each broker should only have one
transportConnector and broker A would have one networkConnector that will be
used to create the forwarding bridge to B. You really don't need a
networkConnector on broker B unless you want messages to flow from B to A. 
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Luiz Gustavo Almeida wrote:
> Hi.
>   After spending a little bit time, I created two configuration files to
> my ActiveMQ.
>   My idea is to create two brokers in separated machines, put a message in
> a queue in brokerA and get this on brokerB.
>   Do I in correct way?
>   Sorry for my poor english.
>   Thank you in advance.
> Luiz Gustavo Almeida
> Luiz Gustavo Almeida wrote:
>> Hi.
>>   I'm a newbie ActiveMQ user.
>>   I have two brokers A and B running on the same machine. (I made it
>> running
>> 2 instances of activemq engine and using 2 differents configuration file
>> -
>> activemq.xml).
>>   Now, I would like to produce a message to a queue on broker A and see
>> this
>> message in a queue on broker B. If broker B is not running, this message
>> should be stay on broker A untill broker B is up.
>>   How can I get it?
>>   Thank you in advance.
>> Luiz Gustavo Almeida
> brokerA.xml 
> brokerB.xml 

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