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From sfred <>
Subject Re: Building 32-bit
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2008 06:00:12 GMT


I appreciate you taking the time to write this information, but I guess I
didn't provide enough information for you to answer the problem I'm having.  

1.  I'm trying to build ActiveMQ-CPP (not ActiveMQ). (I know the process is
the same for either one, but I thought I'd be clear.)

2.  I'm trying to build a 32-bit ActiveMQ-CPP library on a Sun V40Z (AMD
x86, 64-bit processor).  When I use the autotools to do this, I am able to
get the object files (*.o) built as a 32-bit object file, but when libtool
kicks off, it defaults to using the lib64 (64-bit) linking and fails because
it complains the 64-bit libraries it is trying to link in are not compatible
with the 32-bit .o files that I've built.  Our software application is
32-bit, so that's why I need a 32-bit version of ActiveMQ-CPP.

Hopefully someone can tell me of an option or argument to feed into
./ or a way to run libtool (e.g. libtool ...) to get the object
files linked together into the necessary libraries to link our 32-bit
application against.



vschrader wrote:
> Fred, you don't mention it, but of course you need to have cppunit
> compiled as a prerequisite. As far as, you just run it or say
> './', and generate an executable rwxr-xr-x shell script called
> configure.  If you just say ./configure with no options, it will generate
> a Makefile for you, which you then just say 'make' or 'make -f Makefile'
> and that should be the whole deal, except for the fact that you may need
> to put the libccpunit.a on the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or the .so version
> depending on how the Makefile is generated.
> On the cppunit project I did ./configure; make; make install; and that
> puts libcppunit.a and, etc. in /usr/local/lib
> Subsequent to that you will have executables for 3 separate executables
> call something like:
> activemq
> activemq-examples
> activemq-integration-tests
> If you run the examples, it starts up the producer and then the consumer
> in sequence, they would normally be split apart in to separate run units,
> perhaps running against different brokers even.
> This is pretty much standard Linux fare, if there is a file named
> 'configure' make sure it is 'chmod 755 configure' and execute it to
> produce the Makefile, then just say 'make' and make install'.  These steps
> will get you to the place were you have an execuble that should run.
> Vic.
> sfred wrote:
>> How do I build a 32-bit ActiveMQ-CPP for Linux for AMD (x86) platform? 
>> I've tried various combinations to get it built, but I keep running into
>> roadblocks.  
>> The most obvious thing for me to try was:
>> ./configure CXXFLAGS=-m32 
>> That seemed to compile it for 32-bit, but when it came to liniking, the
>> libtools had been build to use the lib64 libraries and so I was getting
>> incompatible ELF messages.
>> I looked into modifications for ./, but I couldn't figure out
>> what options to give it to tell it to build a 32-bit binary.
>> Any help would be appreciated.
>> Scott

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