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From vschrader <>
Subject Re: Building 32-bit
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2008 05:17:55 GMT

Fred, you don't mention it, but of course you need to have cppunit compiled
as a prerequisite. As far as, you just run it or say
'./', and generate an executable rwxr-xr-x shell script called
configure.  If you just say ./configure with no options, it will generate a
Makefile for you, which you then just say 'make' or 'make -f Makefile' and
that should be the whole deal, except for the fact that you may need to put
the libccpunit.a on the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or the .so version depending on how
the Makefile is generated.

On the cppunit project I did ./configure; make; make install; and that puts
libcppunit.a and, etc. in /usr/local/lib

Subsequent to that you will have executables for 3 separate executables call
something like:


If you run the examples, it starts up the producer and then the consumer in
sequence, they would normally be split apart in to separate run units,
perhaps running against different brokers even.

This is pretty much standard Linux fare, if there is a file named
'configure' make sure it is 'chmod 755 configure' and execute it to produce
the Makefile, then just say 'make' and make install'.  These steps will get
you to the place were you have an execuble that should run.


sfred wrote:
> How do I build a 32-bit ActiveMQ-CPP for Linux for AMD (x86) platform? 
> I've tried various combinations to get it built, but I keep running into
> roadblocks.  
> The most obvious thing for me to try was:
> ./configure CXXFLAGS=-m32 
> That seemed to compile it for 32-bit, but when it came to liniking, the
> libtools had been build to use the lib64 libraries and so I was getting
> incompatible ELF messages.
> I looked into modifications for ./, but I couldn't figure out
> what options to give it to tell it to build a 32-bit binary.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Scott

Senior Software Engineer
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