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From narts <>
Subject Re: Unhandeled exception when producer sending message in free.c at HeapFree after sending large ammount of messages
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 07:44:46 GMT

      Iam using ActiveMQ 4.1.1 and ActiveMQ-cpp-2.1.3  on Windows 2003 server
Enterprise Edition with VC++ 8.0.
      Iam sending persistent text messsage using Topic to a destination.
(wireFormat=openwire, transport.useAsyncSend=false, 

What my requirement is to generate a message by monitoring Windows. And send
the generated message to ActiveMQ on central server. And keep on monitoring
I am using the following code to connect to activemq.  

               // Create a ConnectionFactory
		ConnectionFactory* connectionFactory =
			ConnectionFactory::createCMSConnectionFactory( brokerURI );

		// Create a Connection
		connection = connectionFactory->createConnection();

		// free the factory, we are done with it.
		delete connectionFactory;

		// Create a Session
		session = connection->createSession( Session::AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE );

		// Create the destination (Topic or Queue)
		if( useTopic ) {
			destination = session->createTopic( subject );
		} else {
			destination = session->createQueue( subject );

		// Create a MessageProducer from the Session to the Topic or Queue
		producer = session->createProducer(destination );
			producer->setDeliveryMode( DeliveryMode::PERSISTENT );


Then after generating every message, i am instantly sending it to activemq
using following code

                // Create a message
		TextMessage* message = session->createTextMessage( sendmessage );
		message->setIntProperty( "Integer", 0 );

		// Tell the producer to send the message
		producer->send( message );

		//indicate message sent
		msgdelivered = true;

		delete message;

I am able to send aroung 20000 messages succcessfully. But after that it is
giving the following exception at a call to send() of producer.
      "Unhandeled exception at 0x7c82823e in myaplication.exe:
0xC0000005:Access violation writing location 0x00040ffc."
      And my application is stopping the execution in free.c at "retval =
HeapFree(_crtheap, 0, pBlock);".

      When i run Stackwalker (from CodeProject, Project:
Memory_and_Exception_Trace, Author: Jochen Kalmbach) for this application it
is showing stack over flow in ActivemqCpp.  


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