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Subject AMQ4.1.1: Connection problems with simple peer to peer configuration
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2008 20:05:02 GMT

Env: JDK1.6, Activemq 4.1.1

I have a simple peer to peer setup as follows,

       <client1> --- <extBrokerA> ===== network connector ==== <extBrokerB>
--- <client2>

Messages on topics are exchanged between client1 and client 2 fine till
extBrokerA is restarted. When this happens, the activeMQ logs  (on both ends)
indicate that the ntwork connector has been reestablished. 

However, messages broadcast by clien1 on topics do not get propogated to client2.
This problem persists even when extBrokerB is restarted.

Is this a known problem? Would 4.1.2 fix this issue? Is there a way to 'reset' the
state (perhaps deleting subscriber list) which would rmeove this blackhole
after extBrokerA is restarted?

client to extBroker is tcpConnector.
broker to broker is tcp networkConnector.

Any help appreciated....



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