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From Adam Sherman <>
Subject Re: Configuration Confusion
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2008 15:26:16 GMT
On 11-Mar-08, at 10:01 AM, James Strachan wrote:
>> I have been confused on this list before, but here I am again. :-)
>> I need to configure my brokers to fault-tolerant in a two-node
>> cluster. I'm configuring this directly inside Spring.
>> I believe I need to use some form of auto-discovery, journaled
>> persistence and clustering, but after reading most of the
>> documentation I'm not clear on the exact setup I should be using.  
>> Notes:
> So for clustering you need master/slave which ensures messages are
> stored on different physical devices to protect against loss
>> - I have shared NAS, if needed
> Is that a clustered shared file system? Like a SAN?

It is a clustered NFS share that is reliable as far as I am concerned.

> If so set up a master/slave using Shared File System Master Slave...

So a network of brokers sharing the load is not appropriate in my  

Thank you for the quick response,



"When the burning husks of your startups warm the last of your bones,  
remember I told you so." - Zed

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