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From "Brian Munroe" <>
Subject JMX over HTTP - How to?
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 18:52:35 GMT
I'm interested in configuring ActiveMQ to use the HTTP(S) transport,
but I'm getting a bit cross-eyed regarding REST, HTTP(S) transports
and AJAX.

>From what I understand, if I only have pure JMS clients, I can safely
use the HTTP(S) transports without having to deal with REST or AJAX?
I'm very new to both JMS and ActiveMQ, so I need some serious hand

I think I can figure out how to set up the HTTP(S) transports, but how
would I modify my clients to use them?  I'm trying to use the examples and (provided in
$ACTIVEMQ_HOME/examples/src) as my basis, but if someone has simpler
examples, by all means, fire away.

I know these are driven off of the build.xml, but I was just going to
try and hard code the URLs for now.


-- brian

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