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From Ramit Arora <>
Subject Re: Consumers not always being released
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 17:47:01 GMT

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the reply. I think I understand the way you have set it up now,
but doesn't the slave just sit waiting for the lock to be released? As its
connectors are not yet started, the store & forward network can't be
established. My master keeps complaining that it can't connect to the slave.
Can someone from the development team please confirm how shared file system
needs to be set up?
Anyways, can you please check whether the following test case works on your
snapshot (the one you are using is no longer in the repo):
1. Create a producer sending persistent messages to a topic.
2. Create a non-durable topic subscriber.
3. Kill the master when the publisher has sent 100 messages & the subscriber
has received 50 messages.
4. Try to receive the remaining 50 messages from the slave.

In my case, step 4 doesn't work. But according to the JMS spec, it should.

Many thanks,

Mike Miljour wrote:
> Yes, the /data is my shared directory.  Persistence can be set up either
> way according to the config examples I have seen.
> I used the network of brokers to keep the slaves up to date when I was
> originally having problems with the behavior of the slaves.  I am not sure
> if having this configured is still useful, but we do not lose messages
> when the Master goes down.  I will try removing this and see if I
> encounter any problem.  Can anyone else answer if using Network of Brokers
> is useful in the Master/Slave topology?
> Ramit Arora wrote:
>> Hi Mike,
>> Thanks for your time. I am a bit confused here. The config that you have
>> sent me seems to be of a broker network rather than a Master/Slave
>> topology. Shouldn't we be setting the shared datastore like this:
>> <persistenceAdapter>
>>       <amqPersistenceAdapter directory="/shared/activemq/datastore" />
>> </persistenceAdapter> 
>> Is /data in your config the shared directory? 

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