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From PM <>
Subject Re: Message enter ActiveMQ.DLQ after consumer reconnect
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 13:12:29 GMT

Sorry, i can't really help with answering your question, but i though I would
also show my interest in this topic..

basically I too am confused as to why messages only get DLQ'd when there
active consumers even when the time to live on the message is vasly

thiamteck wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using ActiveMQ 5.0 on Windows XP and Windows 2003.
> My program send a persistent message to queue with timeToLive = 3 seconds.
> The message enter into ActiveMQ.DLQ after timeout.
> Then I have start a consumer to the queue with connection URI below, where
> "jms.redeliveryPolicy.maximumRedeliveries=-1" means unlimited redelivery
> according to documnetation:
> tcp://
> Then I stop the consumer, and send another persistent message with
> timeToLive = 3 seconds. This time the message do not enter ActiveMQ.DLQ
> after timeout.
> After a while, I start my consumer again and expect the consumer able to
> receive the message. But once the consumer connected to ActiveMQ, then
> pending message was enter into ActiveMQ.DLQ.
> So below is my questions:
> 1) It is my assumption invalid and this is this the expected behavior of
> ActiveMQ? or this is some sort of bugs in ActiveMQ?
> 2) Anyway to tweak the producer/consumer/queue so that consumer can
> receive the message even it already exceed the timeout and redelivery?
> Thank you.
> Truly,
> Thiam Teck

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