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From mjustin <>
Subject Re: jms-json transformation: missing library
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2008 18:19:52 GMT

Hi Dejan,

meanwhile I found out how a JSON-encoded java  object encodes the class
Now I can see that I can generate JSON-encoded objects with Java and Delphi,
the differences are very small. Only the order of the fields changes:

Generated by the Java producer:
{"SamplePojo":{"name":"myname ...","id":"myId ..."}}

Generated by Delphi:
{"SamplePojo":{"id":"myid ...","name":"myname ..."}}

The Delphi-generated version does not show up as SamplePojo object in the
admin console. This means that Java clients could not receive the objects
which have been JSON-encoded by Delphi ...
I will investigate more and see if I can find something. (UTF8 encoding and
decoding is enabled and checked).

Best Regards
Michael Justin

mjustin wrote:
> Then I tried to send a JSON encoded object from Delphi which has the
> 'transformation' property set to 'jms-json'. The message appears but no
> object is shown in the message view. 
> This is no surprise because JSON does not know anything about classes, it
> is just a data exchange format.
> Now the question: is it possible to send a JSON encoded object to ActiveMQ
> so that it will be mapped to the SamplePojo class (given that the JSON
> object contains values for the the pojo properties)?

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