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From mjustin <>
Subject Re: jms-json transformation: missing library
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2008 17:10:57 GMT

Hello Dejan,

many thanks - it works like a charm now. 

Now I am stuck just at the next corner and could have know before:

I wrote a SamplePojo class and send it from a Java producer tool, and it
successfully shows up in the web admin console. It appears in the typical
Java notation in the 'Message Details' field: SamplePojo@e3f6d.

Then I tried to send a JSON encoded object from Delphi which has the
'transformation' property set to 'jms-json'. The message appears but no
object is shown in the message view. 

This is no surprise because JSON does not know anything about classes, it is
just a data exchange format.

Now the question: is it possible to send a JSON encoded object to ActiveMQ
so that it will be mapped to the SamplePojo class (given that the JSON
object contains values for the the pojo properties)?

Or should I better use jms-xml and SOAP serialization for mixed programming

Best Regards

Michael Justin

Dejan Bosanac wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> you are right, XStream is an optional dependency, so you have to put
> it manually into the lib/ folder. Additionally, you have to include
> jettison ( into broker's classpath if you
> plan to use JSON. I've just updated docs with this info
> (

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