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From "leon.stankowski" <>
Subject When do topics get garbage collected?
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2008 12:23:44 GMT

Dear all,

I'm using a recent version of ActiveMQ (I am not tied to a specific version
and can upgrade to newer if required).

I have an application that may create 10 - 50 thousand non-persistent new
topics a day over a network of 10 to 20 machines, (yes - this is the most
efficient means of solving a specific problem).  The needed lifespan of
these topics is variable but will typically last 5 to 100 minutes although
there will be outlyers lasting only a minute or two or as long as several
days.  The processes and threads that will be publishing and subscribing to
these topics will typically exist for 60 to 3000 minutes.

Question: Under what conditions (if any) does ActiveMQ decide a
non-persistent topic is no longer something it will remember?  Does a lack
of message traffic for a period of time on that topic cause it to be garbage
collected?  Does it exist only when there is a subscriber registered?  Or
does it sit there until it is explicitly deleted (and by the what simple
programatic means is currently recommended to do that)?

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