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From flachwassertiroler <>
Subject messages don't find their way to consumer
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2008 20:43:45 GMT

Hi all,

I'm a total newbie to ActiveMQ and JMS in general, so here's my question:

I have a topic publisher and a subscriber. Each of them connects to an
embedded broker, those brokers connect to a central, standalone broker
(using duplex connections), spanning a network of brokers.

I see in the debug of the central broker ("broker1")', that both "leaf"
broker connect and duplex is enabled. Subscriber and Publisher use the same
topic. Unfortunately, the subscriber never gets a single message!

What I observe: When the broker of the subscriber ("LeafBrokerSubscriber")
connects, the central broker receives the consumer request:

Broker1 Forwarding sub on vm://Broker1#28 from LeafBrokerSubscriber : 
ConsumerInfo {commandId = 4, responseRequired = true, consumerId =
ID:pcx5211-36658-1205777953152-3:0:1:1, destination =
topic://ActiveMQNewsChannel, prefetchSize = 32766,
maximumPendingMessageLimit = 0, browser = false, dispatchAsync = false,
selector = null, subscriptionName = null, noLocal = false, exclusive =
false, retroactive = false, priority = 0, brokerPath = null,
optimizedAcknowledge = false, noRangeAcks = false, additionalPredicate =

The publisher also connects to the central broker (via it's embedded
"LeafBrokerPublisher") and sends messages. They are not forwarded to the
consumer, but pile up on the LeafBrokerPublisher (observed with JMX). I also
see through JMX that all 3 brokers have my topic ("ActiveMQNewsChannel").

What am I doing wrong? Please find attached the code snippet of the embedded
broker, the xml conf of the central broker and debug output of the
Publishing client, the subscribing client and the central broker.

Thanks in advance, I'm already a bit desperate!!

emebddedBrokerSnippet broker1Config.xml centralBrokerDebug PublisherDebug SubscriberDebug 

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