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From ttmdev <>
Subject Re: What is bin/activemq exactly?
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2008 19:42:23 GMT

The $ACTIVEMQ_HOME/bin/activemq script starts a 'standalone' ActiveMQ message
broker that, by default, uses the $ACTIVEMQ_HOME/conf/activemq.xml
configuration file. The standalone broker will automatically reference the
jar files in $ACTIVEMQ_HOME/lib. 

You also have the option of starting an 'embedded' broker.

In your case, I would recommend not directly referencing ActiveMQ objectives
and instead rely on the vm:// transport in combination with JNDI and JMS -
it will result in much more portable code.


lanchez wrote:
> When I run bin/activemq what exactly is going on?
> I supposed activemq would be a war that I would drop on tomcat and a bunch
> of jars that I would incorporate into my IDE and then I could start
> writing code.
> I am reading and from what
> I can see, I have to run another process or server on my computer.
> Is it possible to run this under tomcat so that I do not have another
> server/process running on my machine?  How are people typically running
> ActiveMQ in a production environment?
> If there are docs that I can be pointed to on how to run under tomcat that
> would be super great (if that is possible).
> At a minimum knowing what bin/activemq is all about would be super great.
> thanks

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