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From Ben Chobot <>
Subject Re: Performance issue for ActiveMQ Server
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 19:52:00 GMT
It sounds like you don't have a very firm grasp on what's going on, 
under the covers. If you need persistence, have you tried pulling the 
power cord from your server and verifying you haven't lost messages? If 
you don't care, why do you need persistence? :)

I suspect that what might be happening is that your writes are going 
very fast because they're going into a write buffer somewhere along the 
line. Your reads are not going so fast, because what you're trying to 
read has left the buffer and now has to come off disk, and your disk 
isn't very fast.

zaoliu wrote:
> I have no idea about the IO systems. The server is using Linux Operating
> System and has 6 cpus.  I find that the speed is getting lower and lower
> with time. When produce 500000 messages, the speed is 3500/s. But when
> consumer 700000 messages, the speed get down to avg 1700/s.  I think I need
> to run the test for longer time to get a fair result. When consuming the
> messages from the server, the speed is getting down much faster. Is 50 msg/s
> in normal condition?
> Ben Chobot wrote:
>> What is the underlying I/O system like for your broker? As I understand 
>> the persistence layer for ActiveMQ, 3,500 durable messages a second 
>> sounds too good to be true, assuming you're writing them safely.

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