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From Ben Chobot <>
Subject Re: Performance issue for ActiveMQ Server
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2008 18:26:37 GMT
What is the underlying I/O system like for your broker? As I understand 
the persistence layer for ActiveMQ, 3,500 durable messages a second 
sounds too good to be true, assuming you're writing them safely.

zaoliu wrote:
> I am tuning the performance of ActiveMQ broker for Queue by using three
> separate machines as producer, consumer and server. I got pretty good
> throughput for non persistent messages, approximate 20000 msgs/s. For
> persistent messages, approximate 4000 megs/s. But when I tested for message
> store of the server by using persistent messages, the result is unexpected.
> First I use the producer to send the messages to the server and no consumer
> yet, so the messages will write to the server message store. The ave rate
> for it is 3500/s. And then I stopped the producer and started the consumer
> to consume messages. The ave time for consume messages is 50 msgs/s and I
> found the rate is keeping going down with time. 
> Any comments or suggestions? 

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