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From metaldork <>
Subject need help interpreting jmx values
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2008 23:20:12 GMT

hi.  i'm preparing to migrate to jms for oracle toplink cache synching and am
currently doing some configuration and load testing.  my test is:

4 brokers in distributed topic configuration using dynamic discovery
a junit test that starts up 10 threads, each connecting as a consumer using
dynamic discovery
a junit test that starts up 10 threads, each connecting as a producer

when i first start up the brokers but no consumers or producers, i see the
consumer count in each is 1.  assuming this is each broker connecting to
another as a client, i can accept this.

what doesn't make sense is when i start my consumers up, i get a total of 20
consumers spread across the brokers when i would expect 12.

secondly, the #s displayed as enqueue and dispatch counts don't add up.  in
my last test run, 3 of the servers recorded 6155 enqueues but one only 1822. 
furthermore, when i divide the dispatch count by the enqueue count, it
sometimes, but not always, adds up to the # of consumers.

finally, in my test i record the time i send a message to a topic and when
each consumer pulls it out i calculate the total time it spent in the
broker.  usually it's a matter of milliseconds.  but ocassionally, i'll get
a pause, then a large load will be pulled out that had been in the broker
for many seconds or even minutes.  then another pause, then another load
that had been in the broker even longer.  all my consumer does is pull out a
message and display the time so i don't think it's that the consumers can't
keep up.

anyhoo, i'm perplexed and i can't go live with this until everybody is
confident so if anybody can help me out i'd greatly appreciate it.
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